Our accomplished team of industry experts at Corporates Guide and dedicated instructors are committed in empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace. With a diverse array of backgrounds and expertise, our faculties bring a wealth of real-world insights and cutting-edge practices to the classroom.

Rudra Chakroborty (1)
SME Ex: 10+ years
Rudra is the Subject Matter Expert on Database and Front End Related Technologies. She has 10+ years of strong experience in learning and development and has received good feedback from the learners.
Moupriya Roy
SME Ex: 9+ years
Moupriya is the Subject Matter Expert on Spring Boot and Angular, and has delivered more that 100+ training till date. She always looks forward to designing the course contents so that it is easy to learn and develop for any corporate.
Susmita Ray (1)
SME Ex: 11+ years
Susmita is the Subject Matter Expert on MERN / MEVN. Her hands-on experience with MongoDb with backend and front end tech stacks have not only helped corporates to grow but also helped freelance industry experts to take guidance from her.
Kunal Goswami (1)
SME Ex: 9+ years
Kunal is the Subject Matter Expert on Flutter and UI with strong professional experience in guiding corporates on Full Stack Development and Devops .He quickly grasps new technologies and delivers the training sessions smoothly. Kunal also has good training delivery experience on Blockchain for corporates across the industry.
SME Ex: 5+ years
Vinay is a Subject Matter Expert on Python and Devops.. His recordings on Python in our youtube channel have gained immense popularity and gives everyone a chance to know how easy it is to learn any programming. In devops he has done live workshops and delivered end to end training for the same.
Astika Sengupta (1)
SME Ex: 10+ years
Astika is the Subject Matter Expert on QA(Quality Analysis). Her hands on with TDD and BDD are very useful for college passout students as well as corporates. She has delivered more than 100+ training sessions to experienced and freshers.
Saynam Sharma (1)
SME Ex: 10+ years
Saynam is the Subject Matter expert on AWS and Azure. His end to end explanation to corporates on real time use cases is favorite to all the learners who are new to cloud development. Corporates from various organizations work closely with him on complex problem statements.